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New Moon Journalling

New Moon February  February's New Moon is already here! Hali's  prompt this month is Feeling What you Feel and Freedom. Once I started creating I couldn't stop- 3 journal pages.
I haven't created anything in my journal for probably over 6 months, it felt great- very freeing.

Created with Acrylic paint, Distress inks, stencils pen and ink.

Beneath each photo, I've shared some of the words that were channelled at the time.

Her Heart Longed to be Where it Belonged ... Home. Freedom to Choose Freedom to be Loved Freedom to be Whole.

The Divine Feminine languished inside her- waiting to be awoken, her light grew Brighter. Her Faith Stronger and with that came a strength that enabled her to be True to her soul. True to herself. She lives her life for her, no others. No need to look for another to fill the void she was already Whole.

There was a Storm brewing in her Heart, she waited and watched it grow. She needed freedom to grow freedom. to express the hurt that was withi…