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Self Care and Self Love

Self Care and Self Love
Self care is often thought of as being selfish or self centred, or giving in to our temptations, giving in to our wants, giving ourselves “treats”, like that large piece of chocolate cake or those new shoes you saw and “must have”. Self care is about giving ourselves what we want, but not what we want from our little selves or ego place, instead it's giving ourselves what we want from our soul perspective, giving ourselves the best self care is what nourishes our soul, not our ego or damaged self.
Let's look at sugar, sugar fills our lives and bodies with the false taste of sweetness, when sweetness is missing in our day or our lives, when our soul is under nourished then we will seek sweetness in other ways. Like any addiction this is a quick temporary soothe the symptoms fix and potentially masks the underlying lack of soul nourishment. The sweetness or the joy of life and how to tap back into it is the key to our self care.
Our lives become so full of mu…