Twin Flame? Soul Mate ?

The possibility of meeting and attaining your Twin flame love in this life time, is occurring more now with the current ascension process of the planet. However, it is still not as common as many people think. While it is something desired by many, it is actually not necessarily as desirable as most people believe or assume.

So what is a twin flame?
Every sentient being on this planet and in other galaxies has a twin flame. Your twin flame is literally the other half of your soul.
Wow! that's cool,  I want that! you might think? Meeting your twin flame  is a popular theme right now and them being the perfect lover and life partner.
This is a falsehood.
We all dream to be loved and we all desire to be Whole. Your twin is your own mirror into your own soul and all your unresolved pain, and all the healing that you still need to do to ascend.

This is different from a soul mate or soul brother or sister. Soul mates and siblings are part of your soul family, their soul is not the other half of yours. Our soul family brings us much love, and much healing on our journey, we often spend many many life times together, and this is  that recognition, knowing  and comfy feeling, when we meet a soul family member.
Many of us will be with our soul family in our actual family, we will marry soul mates and our children and pets are also often part of our soul family. It's usually a very comfortable connection, though their can sometimes be conflict.

In comparison meeting your twin flame, is like having your world tipped upside down, with all your beliefs thrown out, it is not at all a comfortable meeting.
There is a strong pull between the twin flames, which can be very consuming and powerful, this as sacral distraction, or down the rabbit hole. The magnetic pull, attraction and sacral distraction can become such an addiction, that it can literally pull people off their ascension path.

Your twin is your mirror, a learning, healing and ascension tool of Self Love.
You are the One Love of your life, not a soul mate or a twin flame. It's important to let go of the illusion that your Twin will make you complete or Whole, as the only person who can complete you is you. Your twin flame journey may help you realise your Wholeness and aid your ascension path - but they can also hinder it, pull you off path, and even away from your destiny.
Remember only You can complete You.
All souls can again this Wholeness and ascension to the One Love.

This is part one of my Twin Flame series, this series has been channelled by Elowyn, and her angels.
Debbie of Lotus Divine Inspirations


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