Meeting Your Dragon

Dragons are elemental beings,they have been part of Earth’s journey from the beginning, they have supported us through many ages and civilizations. Over the last 30 years the dragons have been helping us again, there was a big boost of dragon energy in 2011 and 2012, when the cosmic portals  I met my first dragon in 2013, but really connecting with them in 2016. Everyone has a dragon, just in the same way that everyone has a guardian angel. This is why so many people are drawn to dragons and their energy, this is also because your dragon has been with you through all your incarnations. Dragons are our great helpers because they are able to move between dimensions and wavelengths and their great gift is that they are able to transmute negative energy into positive energy. They can transmute lower stuck 3rd dimension energy and this means that their help is invaluable in the clearing of karma and our ascension process.

Dragons love to serve and are loyal, faithful dedicated and persistent in completing any task you give them.

A Visualisation  to meet your dragon

Sit or lie comfortably, prepare yourself for mediation,
Visualize yourself protected  in golden white light, archangel metatron is with you.
In front of you there is a light - a glowing ball of light - as you move towards it - the ball of light grows and you realise that within it there is a shape.
Gently you see Archangel Metatron caress the ball of light to ease back the clouds so that you can see within, there's your dragon, resting and waiting for you, carefully respectfully talk to your dragon, you may feel you are given permission to caress your dragon, and you may ask you dragon their name.
Spend some time with your dragon, you will always now be able to connect with your dragon, just call him in your mind telepathically and he will be with you.
Your dragon is waiting for some way he can serve today, give him a job,
Dear beloved dragon please work with me to keep my spiritual fields clear of any negativity, thank you.

It’s now time to leave your dragon, come back to the room where you started, wiggle your toes, slowly open your eyes and you are back.

Debbie 21/9/17


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